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I Hate Flu

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Continued from “Unveiling”

R. is not himself when he visits today.  He leans on me and tries to lick my hands when I facilitate his using his own hands.  His nose isn’t running but he has goo on his face.  I help him wipe clean.

        Note to Parent:  I think that that R. is getting sick.  He kept trying to lick my hands 


The mold is moistened enough to build the top portion for this evening’s work.  I let it set.  It should be ready to divide this weekend.

        Note from Parent:  R is sick!  He threw-up just before he saw you but I thought that     

        he  would get through the session just fine.

I have stomach flu tonight.  

How will I join everyone to install the gantry tomorrow?

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