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N. 2

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Continued From  “Unveiling”

N. says that maybe he will polish and cut metal today.

“How about brazing what you have already cut?”


Two and a half hours pass.

“It’s 6:30.  Do you need a break?”

“How did it get so late?  I feel like I just started working.”

Sending N. back brazing was a good idea.  Rather like getting on the horse again.  

He is gaining confidence.

Sometimes, I revisit an activity with a child.  Some practitioners believe you need at least 5 repeats before a motor engram becomes integrated, natural.  

Maybe, only a tire stack is set out for a clinic session.  

        “See how many different ways you can crawl in and out.”

Occasionally I revisit a sculpture.  This one was reconfigured for strength and cast in concrete.  OK, but a lot like N.‘s first time welding or an initial motor plan.

Now I re-reconfigure it for aesthetics and a new material.  I begin to discover how much I’ve learned.   My eye and gesture are maturing.  I’ve learned to simplify, to look for an essence in movement and posture.

And this is what we work with.