Sculpture Bridge

    Youth and Community

Sculpture Bridge was created because we feel that no individual or entity should express the belief, “We all know how it ends up for those students.”

Sculpture Bridge For Youth and Community offers an educationally based experiential bridge between the academic and “soft” prevocational experiences available in school and/or early pre-vocational placements to young adults between sixteen to twenty-five years of age with diverse learning styles.

Sculpture Bridge For Youth and Community provides educational opportunities specific to trades, technological, and business venues that are grounded in community service.  Participants learn through participation on each community-based project that is either in-house or produced as part of an Artist-in-Residence program.

Training, support or specific services may also be provided through a variety of professionals with business, technological, and/or medical-social backgrounds and/or interns/students from a variety of business, technological, and medically/socially related disciplines including occupational therapy.