"Dialogues" Initiated during 2019–2022, is rich in its use of iconography and elegant materials.  The full iteration of each piece amalgamates sculpture and print.  The combination of the two media creates a dialogue between form and image.  Each joining of individual elements explores integrating two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

"A Quiet Place" uses its two-dimensional components to reprise and expand on three-dimensional form.  Prints have the static spatial characteristic of being mounted to a wall.  The chair and throw pillows are variables, as each may change in placement or presence.

No Dialogue is permanent.  Each is an emotional spatial construct that provides approximations applied to a larger problem of change in landscape and space.  Thus each element within a piece may be purchased.  As individual artifacts, any object/print might move into the personalized spce of an individual's life.  Each will be replaced in s future Dialogue by yet another form or image.  A Dialogue is an artwork that is constantly changing.

A Quiet Place.  2022.

Iron, Bronze, Dye sublimation Print.

Composite.  Size changes with placement.


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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.  2022.

Iron, Dye Sublimation Print.

Composite.  Size changes with placement.

The Adventures of Howard.  2022

Bronze, Dye Sublimation Print.

Composite.  Size changes with placement.

"The Adventures of Howard" begins a series of prints meant to revolve around a central sculpture.  Its audience joins the constellation while viewing each print.  

"The Garden" (2022) is a large venue composite.  It features two-dimensional and three-dimensional images to create:

-A meandering mileau of sculpture and print that directs pedestrians around and through the gallery.

- Clusters of images and forms that can be changed or displaced at any time causing the sculpture, as a whole to evolve temporaly and situationally.

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Each Dialogue is spatially flexible.  Each responds to unique exhibit spaces with flexible configuration.  In addition, every dialouge is designe to manipulate a viewers physical movement through the space around and within each grouping of pieces.  

Flexibility means that these pieces contrast with traditional large works that must be viewed in specific configurations and as a wholes.  Object choice, configuration, and movement through and around a Dialogue is ephemeral rathr than constant.  Each Dialogue is meannt a as a transitory experession.  


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Dialogue 2 B:  "Today" begins a conversation within a garden-type construct.  The new Dialogue finds the form still displayed on a pedistal, but the sculpture and related print are the basis for a new thematic topic "Garden".  The tension between the pecularites of form and image are frank.  

Dialogue 2 C: "Yesterday" begins a new Dialogue in a burgeoning sculpture garden in Champaign, IL. (private home).  Yesterday is place in a small garden.  The sculpture contrasts with another lager piece with is on public grounds at the edge of the garden in the front of the home.



Form on Front Lawn

Dialogue 1

The temporal content and placement of the components of "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" forces its audience to move either around or in a zig-zag pattern through the piece.  Without walking through the space, one is unable to fully view each individual form.  Displayed as origanally designed, the wall acts as a spatial anchor for  the scuptures pivot  points.

Yesterday was purchased July 2022.

The change creates an opportunity for new Dialogues 2 (A, B,C)

Dialogue 2 A:  "Today" and "Tomorrow" form a triangle with their companion wall image.  To fully view each individual form, one must walk the perimeter of the triangle. Displayed this way, the wall continue to act as a  spatial anchor in this Dialogue.

Documentation of new iterations of this  will  be displayed as the Dialogue continues to develop.  

A lazy S traffic pattern in created when a portion of the sculpture/print combination is tranbposed into the larger dialogue, "The Garden".


From The Garden:  

Seated Cat, Outside/Inside, & The Dangerous Garden.

Bronze/Nickle-Silver Sculpture,

Dye Sublimation Prints.


From The Garden:  

Seated Cat, The Thing in the Forest.

Bronze/Nickle-Silver Sculpture,

Dye Sublimation Print.